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Caccamo wineries for the first time at Merano Winefestival

A first for Calabria in a kermesse that aims to exalt the excellence of the national and international food and wine sector. The Merano WineFestival, an event in which the region is participating for the first time, starts on Friday, Nov. 3, and will end on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

“Calabria is participating for the first time in the Merano WineFestival,” said regional agriculture councillor Gianluca Gallo, “which is an event of great lineage in the national and international wine promotion scene. We are working to create more opportunities for the growth of the wine system with events that could also take place in our region. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this participation with our award-winning wines, which are beginning to astound Italy and beyond.”

The event that is part of the promotional action put in place by the Department of Agricultural Policies, in collaboration with Arsac, which looks at the present and the future of Calabrian farms and does so through an event that brings together producers, visitors, press and industry professionals from around the world, in a banquet made of current events, history, comparisons and beauty.

There will, in fact, be 3,000 operators present at the Alto Adige event and 650 wineries; among them, seven from Calabria, namely Fezzigna Vignaioli, Librandi, Ippolito 1845, Statti, Cantine Caccamo, Cantina Campana and Feudo Della Sagitta Di Toscano Antonio.”

In the space dedicated to the regions, as mentioned, also Calabria, which will allow visitors to taste the wines of Calabria, protagonists of a path of growth under the banner of quality, recognized nationally and internationally.

Many appointments, which, each day, will kick off at 11:30 a.m. and conclude in the evening among tastings, workshops, discussions with industry experts and tasting counters. Especially awaited is the meeting scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 4, at 10:30 a.m., also in the Calabria booth, on the theme, “Calabria land of grapes. Heart of the Mediterranean wine.”

Regional Agriculture Councillor Gianluca Gallo, the director general of the Agriculture Department of the Calabria Region, Giacomo Giovinazzo, the president of the regional wine shop “House of the Wines of Calabria,” Gennaro Convertini, and Andrea Rudic, journalist and TV host, will take part in the initiative.