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Who we are

Caccamo Farm

The story of the Caccamo Farm begins with another story.

The story of Anna Mangialavori and Raffaele Caccamo. Their journey began in Taurianova, Calabria, back in 1966, with their union and the creation of a large family, carried on through hard work. In keeping with the agricultural tradition, which sees in work in the fields dignity, freedom and love of nature, Anna and Raffaele have passed these values on to their children.


Time line

Today, the Caccamo Farm produces six labels of wine, extra virgin olive oil and offers multiple hospitality services.

our team

Who Makes All Cheese Masterpieces?

We produce more than 200 sorts of cheese. Every drop of milk we use in our production is from our certified organic farm.

Our cows are grass-fed and safed from the highest standards of animal welfare seen in the farming industry. All of this combines to create cheese you can trust.


Let's practice healthy agriculture
And we respect the natural cycles of the earth.


Participations and Acknowledgements

Success of our cheeses at the international shows provided high recognition, consumer awareness and sales increasing from wholesales, retailers, restaurants and gourmandes from all over the world.

Caccamo Farm

Healthy agriculture: a revolution that nourishes body, mind and earth, ensuring a more vibrant and sustainable future for all.


Contrada Gagliano, 23
89029 Taurianova (RC) – ITALY

(+39) 379 2871815

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